Monday, June 29, 2015

New review > Atomik Steep Wall Slopers

We're hunting down new company's all the time... so we added some more for you

We have also partnered with "The Average Climber" so Mr Chris Simmons will be reviewing all of the training products and they'll be posted up here; we're excited to push the review market further and to see new people stopping by to read the reviews - N

Heads up: Nick has a new review coming hopefully this week and we'll have one the following week!!

We partnered with the Average Climber to get you more reviews (we make sure they get some holds and training products to review with us) and here's their first installment (of many)

It can be found: here

Noodles has been busy again trawling along through the inter-webs finding new hold company's for your climbing pleasure!!









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Atomik Climbing > Steep Wall Slopers

As you should all know we partnered with Chris Simmons with the Average Climber to make sure we could get you more content faster... better content and more reviews generally. This is Chris' first review for us, or partnered with us.

There's no reading to be done; just sit back and watch.... it's pretty good:

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Review > Enix Climbing > Small Pocket S2

Hey Hey Hey.... So I'm the new guy here at climbing hold review. This time we got the Small Pocket Set 2. Man.... small really is a general term..... This things are the size of my outstretched hand which is like 7'' by 7". Lets check them out...

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Review > Rockstar Volumes > Various

So 2014 was the year of the volumes or so it seemed, the trend seems to be continuing into 2015. We wanted to review some volumes from these guys because of what we saw them doing on Facebook; they're not shy to show off their products but these guys do it in more of a CHR way than most people.

They don't just show their products in a nice little 360 degree video, these guys go out and then you know, part a forklift on a volume, drive a truck over them... their R&D is more like someone that owns a wood shop, is sure that their product is strong so then they go out and just try to destroy it!! You've got to love that kind of confidence, we do... so lets look at this reviews victims from Rockstar Volumes
Candy Bar
Soccer Ball

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review > Blank Slate & Atxarte's POWERBOARD

So a long time ago Blank Slate (our favorite doesn't bolt onto anything home training device) sent us a couple of hangboards for us to try. Hang boards take a long time to review; you need to have them in a program where you're training and using them in the correct way otherwise you can just write any old rubbish and misinform people (not that way we do it over here!!)

That being said this review has taken a long time, longer than usual because we were kind of taking a break after many hard years of charging. Today we're looking at the Powerboard and it's something a little more for your intermediate climber than for a beginner, the other board which we'll look at in the next review is something more for the beginner climber

Lets look at the board:

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Big Deal Volumes: How To!!

Jace W. (or J depending on who I’m talking too)

What do you do?
Well, by day, I fix airplanes at my local airport with a handful of other salty mechanics.
In my free time I climb and design volumes.

You contacted us with this ( which is a manual for creating volumes... why?
I finished making the manual a few days ago and instantly thought of you guys as a good place to start spreading the word.
My opinion, your reviews are practical and to the point, and its probably best to ask the group that's been doing reviews for 7 years.

You're giving it away for free? Why?
Well, climbing has given me so much in my life, so many great stories and true friends. It only seemed right that I give back in my own way.

Story time, I was out climbing at the local crag about 2 years ago. As I approached the wall, it hit me I completely forgot my harness. No spare, no webbing to fashion a harness out of, no options but to call it a day.
Just as my rather disgruntled partner and I where about to head out, the local rock hero (will remain nameless) rounds the bend heading back to the parking lot.

I go all deer in the headlights and try not to stutter when talking to probably one of my greatest idols.
Meanwhile, my partner explains (with expletives) why we are heading back. Without even a second thought or prompt, (local rock hero) stops and pulls out his personal harness and hands it to me, with instructions to drop it off at his house in town at the end of the day. By this point, you could have mistaken my voice for that of a pre teen I was so excited. It was a great day and we got lots of great climbing done.

That act solidified in my mind that I have been the recipient of my fair share of good climbing karma, so I better start paying it back.

So if this manual answers any questions to someone trying to build a volume or just figure out how to get started, then it was all worth it.
Besides, I love designing these things.

It's a pretty full on manual: What was the impetus to make it so through?
At the end of the day I would feel much more validated if the manual could be used by all skill levels of craftsmen and craftswomen to build not only the volume I describe but to use the knowledge to build other cooler and bigger pieces.

How many iterations have there been?
Sigh* I think about 12 that haven’t ever gotten further than my laptop. But public manuals, this is the only one we have ever put out. Its almost funny, I look at the older versions of this manual and its like looking into a super dry stack of raw data with no pictures.

Will there be more in the future?
Absolutely! This manual and others will be published by Big Deal Volumes, as part of the DIY series.
As of right now, the next planned manual should be in final draft some time in mid February of 2015.

If someone has questions how do they contact you?
To BDV directly is best.

We handle everything to do with our volumes through that email.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review > Etch Climbing Holds > Big Stuff

Etch is one of the companies we're been trying to review since we began this little roller coaster ride that is CHR!; they began in 2004 so they've been around for a while... there have been some ups and downs and at one point we thought that they'd actually gone away for good... our worries were unfounded and they're pouring some of their classic shapes for all to enjoy again

If you don't know Etch or have never climbed on their shapes you may actually recognize one of their ads:
 "Only mother nature makes better shapes" is their tag line so lets dive in and see what we're playing with this time:

The Big Wurm (6XL Feature)
 Hueco Flake (3XL)
The Egg (5XL)
Erosion (4XL)

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review > Metolius Contact Board

So for a long while Noodles has been injured, so he's been embarking on a bunch of hangboard training to keep up his strength. Whilst he's been playing around we've also been training with him; so what have we been training upon?

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review > Capital Climbing > Clasts

Ding ding! Round two for Capital Climbing; whats funny is that when we were filming this review Noodles had set in his normal fashion two routes side by side for filming; when the comp at Shakti Rock Gym came about he set the camera up to film the two routes and then went home to watch the Canadians in the Stanley Cup. Someone knocked the camera and put the other route (The Enix sloper route) out of shot :(

Ah people, thankfully this guys stayed in shot and we were able to get the videos made.

So enough fluff; lets get to talking about holds!!

This review we're looking at the Clasts from Capital Climbing, and the Clast Lip Feature that was featured in our first review of Capital Climbings Barnacles which you can find: here. The holds that are from the same line are the medium Clasts, there are ten of those guys; as we were sent a sample pack of holds we only received five of them.

 Clast Lip Feature

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Review > Enix Climbing > Medium Slopers

Ok hands up who loves climbing holds?

Well if you don't then you're in the wrong place reading the wrong post about the wrong thing; maybe you should go read: or something because this is a hold review site and we're about to get balls deep in some urethane loving

Got that?


So Exix, run by Brian May aka: The Hollow Back Master is a new company, less than a year old and it's something that people should probably take note of. When we say people we really mean Teknik.... boom, first shot fired across their bow for sure... we think there maybe a few more fired before we're done writing this one lol

Let's get to the stuff we're talking about; slopers, simple, pure, dirty dirty slopers! Want to climb in Font? Train on slopers; want to climb on zee Grit? Train on slopers (and really small dime ball edges (and learn to place gear)) So yeah, blah blah another set of slopers is what you're hearing; well you're hearing wrong and it's time to grab a Q-Tip and work on the ol' wax deposits because this review is about slopers... but not just any slopers, we're talking about these:

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Review > Capital Climbing > Barnacles and Clast Lip


So Capital Climbing are a new company, they're kind of officially on the market and at some point they should be launching a full on website... right now it's not the case but you can go see them at for now.

We have a bunch of stuff to review from these guys and we're pretty stoked on what we have to play with for a while. What we're looking at this time is a set of holds called the Barnacles and one of the feature holds from the Clast Lips range.

When we received these holds Noodles just sat around and played with them for a few days... why? Just before the holds arrived he knew he had to set some comp routes and new holds means you have to get your mojo on and get it done... first lets look at the holds:


 Clast Lip Feature

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review > Thrive Climbing > Snaggletooth Slopers and Moonpie Crimps

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona you have a team of three Ryan, Nicholas and Nic and a company that's been around for about a year producing climbing holds... no great surprise there as we're a company that reviews holds.

What can we say about Thrive Climbing LLC that's not been said? Well we could wax lyrical about their shapes which when you look at them pretty well talk for themselves, or we could talk about their mix (which of course we will) or the colors or the fact that it's a small home grown company that's doing a great job... but we won't, we'll let Thrive introduce themselves;

Ryan Wurm; Owner: We started making climbing holds for fun in my garage, and then we realized that we really enjoyed doing it. We thought we had something to contribute to the climbing industry, so we decided to make hold on a larger scale and to see where it will go. After one year of making holds we are expanding our company and product lines. 

We are a small climbing hold manufacturer Based In Phoenix, AZ running out of a tiny little shop. We have been making climbing holds for only one year now. Our product line is very simplistic, with the occasional artistic design. We have big plans for Thrive Climbing as we continue to grow, and we love what we do.

Take that!! Add the fact that they're getting shapes from Tony Reynaldo who shapes and has shaped for more company's that you can actually count on both hands... don't believe us, check this out, that's just a sample of his work:
And that's just a sample of his work and now he's added Thrive to his ever expanding resume and props to Thrive for getting him on-board, it only means that Thrive is going to be a very interesting company to watch in the future.

So we have two sets currently the Snaggletooth slopers which are a pair of slopers that are opposites, sloped on one side that's slightly incut and then the outside that is just sloped out. When we say opposites we mean there is a left hand and right hand version of these holds (why don't more people do this?)
 And the Moonpie Crimps, a set of eight holds that we're using the term 360 degree holds for because (and yes all holds are usable most of the time in 360 degrees) but these give you a little more...

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